Introducing Hotkeys for Arduino!

Our latest ‘for Arduino’ Mac application has arrived! As you might have seen in the sneak peek, it is about hotkeys! You can learn more about Hotkeys for Arduino here!

– Works in background
– Six customizable keyboard shortcuts
– Example sketch
– Easy to integrate into projects


– Home automation: Command what actions should happen with the hotkeys. For example: turning on/off lights in a room!

– Accent lighting: Easily control LEDs to create a mixture of colours to suit your need

– Quick testing: Experiment with different actions without having to dig through the code each time

– Live demos: Effectively communicate your project’s ideas and concepts with others

– And more!: Arduino projects are only limited by your imagination! Create the next best project, and use Hotkeys for Arduino to control it.

Get Hotkeys for Arduino on the Mac App Store!

Website Updates, Migration

If you are noticing that the font is different, it is! We are now using the Ubuntu font family as the default font. It is a very pretty font, and you can learn more about it here.

The migration of the website is complete, however we still have to release an update to point the Mac apps towards the new appcast url. Keep an eye out for those coming soon! If you purchased any of the apps through the Mac App Store then you have nothing to worry about.

There will be a sneak peak of our latest app coming soon! 😉

New website!

Welcome to the new Apps For Arduino website! Here you will be able to find more tutorials, apps, and keep up to date on the blog.

Let us know if there are any usability issues with the website.

We’ll be posting some sneak peaks of some new apps later on 😉

Happy coding!